Re: Core Competency

I recently attended a leadership training seminar hosted by the Disney Institute. Aside from the jokes I’ve endured from friends and family for attending the seminar, I have conflicted thoughts on the program: On one hand, the seminar’s facilitators’ cult-like admiration for Walt Disney, the man himself, left me feeling a bit overdosed on “fairy dust,” puppies and sunshine - (not to mention there are certainly mixed reports on Walt Disney's personal life and beliefs); On the other hand, many of the core values of The Walt Disney Company are laudable and have clearly cultivated some of the world’s most valuable brands. Giving thought to the common threads connecting these brands is a worthwhi

The Basics

I'm a lifelong learner, and enjoy thinking about and discussing business ideas, economics and culture. This blog is where I occasionally post some of my thoughts re: all of the above.

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