TD Bank vs. Milton Friedman: Great Expectations

It appears TD Bank, America’s Most Convenient Bank, doesn’t understand the concept of trying to “under-promise and over-deliver.” As part of its current marketing campaign, TD Bank prominently advertises that its personal banking branches are: “Open 10 minutes earlier and later than posted.” That sounds great, but now those are the “posted” hours, effectively. TD Bank’s customers are going to bake those extra 20 minutes into their schedule; as a result, the local bank manager and the TD Bank brand’s goodwill now will get no bonus points for being open until 7:10 PM. My initial reaction is to make the analogy of those people who set their clocks 10 minutes ahead, in an effort to “trick” thems

The Pursuit of Alpha: Customer Success at Bipsync

On Monday, I became the ninth full-time employee at Bipsync (the “Company”), a web-hosted research automation platform purpose-built for the investment management industry. The Company develops a beautifully designed and data-rich research management software (“RMS”) solution, but the platform doesn’t just allow for the easy capture and organization of notes; it also incorporates next-generation communication and collaboration elements to enhance analysts’ and funds’ productivity. Keep reading over on Bipsync's blog.

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