24 Hours and 24 Photos: Sonoma and Marin, CA

I’m sitting on the back patio at the Firehouse coffee shop in downtown Sausalito, just north across the Golden Gate Bridge from San Francisco. It's Sunday afternoon in the middle of a two-week stay at my brother Rich’s house in Piedmont, on the east side of the bay. He and his wife Megan (and their two kids) flew off to Hawaii early yesterday morning. They're on a week-long trip to celebrate Megan's mom's retirement, so I took the opportunity to explore the greater Bay Area, and made my way to Sonoma and Marin for the weekend. I've been working full-time the past week, and will work full-time next week, and have almost been keeping New York hours - starting around 6:30 each morning and worki

The Basics

I'm a lifelong learner, and enjoy thinking about and discussing business ideas, economics and culture. This blog is where I occasionally post some of my thoughts re: all of the above.

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