Playing Around with the GoPro HERO5

A few weeks ago I bought the new GoPro HERO5. I'm interested in picking-up personal video production as a hobby, and am testing it out with GoPro and its (pretty easy-to-use) editing software suite. A handful of early findings:

  • The video quality captured by the HERO5 is really high, recording up to 4K resolution

  • Need to learn more about when and where to switch between various settings (e.g. Frames Per Second and Fields of View)

  • The sound quality captured is only so-so, and the included music options when editing are really limited

  • Need to determine if that really matters - likely will be muting the audio anyway, adding separate music/MP3 files when editing

  • Don't try to walk/move and record video at the same time - footage comes-out really choppy

  • Need to pick-up a GoPro Karma Grip gimbal

  • GoPro's editing apps (e.g. Quik, GoPro Studio) are fun and easy to use, but limitations become clear early

  • Need to determine how advanced to go re: editing software upgrade (i.e. Sony Vegas? Adobe Premiere? iMovie?)

... and I'm sure many more to follow. I'm running-through my initial memory card quickly.

Anyway, here are a couple early clips made using Quik and GoPro Studio, respectively.

iPhone photos from London trip, May 2016 (via Quik)

GoPro HERO5 videos from London trip, December 2016 (via GoPro Studio)

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